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5 Key Benefits of Trampolining in Leisure

Trampolining is the UK’s latest craze with trampoline parks springing up all over the country.  The number of trampoline parks across the UK has risen from 3 in 2014 to 200 today, with 20% of bouncers over the age of 18 the question is… why wouldn’t you introduce this incredible activity to your customers? We have put together 5 key benefits and great reasons why you should be engaging your audience through trampolining.


1. Low Impact Way to Lose Weight

A percentage of customers using your facilities will be challenging themselves to lose weight. This low impact activity is easier on the joints, meaning much less pressure on legs and feet compared to other exercises. Trampolining has been proven to help to reduce cellulite through stimulation of the thyroid gland, and therefore a fantastic way to lose weight without putting pressure on the body.


2. Better Results When Combined with Other Exercises

From heavy lifting and cardio in the gym to tennis or dance classes, whatever the range of sports your leisure centre offers, it’s been proven that combining trampolining with other activities will improve the effects of other exercises and help achieve greater results for your customers.


3. Benefits to Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Trampolining is one of the best whole-body sports that will help to facilitate the body’s natural detoxification mechanism. Rebounding causes a shift in gravity when jumping, meaning huge benefits to the lymphatic system which is a vital part of our immune system. It also reduces excess hormones and toxins which helps reduce menstrual discomfort in women. NASA even uses trampolining to recondition astronauts after space walks to help prevent bone and muscle degeneration, due to an increase in ‘biochemical stimuli’ whilst bouncing. Rebounding is also known to reduce the risk of cancer by eliminating cancer cells in the body at the same time as bacteria and damaged cells, it does this through improving circulation of body's lymphatic fluid.


4. Reduces Fatigue & Increases Energy Levels

Rebound exercise automatically increases the mitochondrial count in each of the body’s cells due to the extra demand for energy by the cells in the body. This will not only reduce fatigue and increase energy levels but enhance the body’s capacity for using that energy. This means prolonged energy levels and stronger concentration levels for customers throughout their day.


5. Fun & Engaging for Your Customers

If your leisure centre welcomes teens or even younger customers, then it could be a great way to increase custom through families using your facilities together. If both children and adults are choosing trampoline parks in their spare time, then bringing the fun into your leisure centre can only make exercise even more exciting & engaging and may even help convert your less confident customers into avid gymnasts. Ideal for gaining a competitive advantage above other local leisure centres.



There is a variety of trampolines on the market today. Maudesport has created this buying guide, in line with afPE regulations, to help you create the perfect trampoline area for your leisure centre or sports hall. Download the guide today.